Semi-Independent Placement

Semi-Independent Placements

V-Care Homes offers Semi-Independent Placements for young individuals aged 16 to 18, focusing on gradual transition and preparation for independent living under the care of Local Authorities.

Gradual Transition Programs

Our Semi-Independent Placements are designed to provide a steppingstone towards independence. We offer structured programs that focus on imparting essential life skills and fostering independence in a supportive environment.

Life Skills Development

We emphasize the development of crucial life skills such as budgeting, cooking, household management, and personal development workshops. These skills empower young individuals to navigate the challenges of independent living confidently.

Supportive Environment

In our Semi-Independent Placements, we provide a supportive and communal living setting. Our aim is to encourage responsibility, decision-making, and self-reliance while ensuring guidance and support when needed.

Community Integration

We facilitate community integration, encouraging involvement in local activities and connections with support networks. This integration helps in establishing a sense of belonging and independence within the broader community.

Transition Planning

Our focus is on preparing young individuals for the transition to complete independence or other housing arrangements. We guide them through this process, ensuring a smooth shift and continued support.

Aftercare Support

Our commitment doesn’t end after the transition. We continue to offer ongoing assistance and guidance, providing a safety net for continued growth and stability.

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